Thursday, November 11, 2004

Training Walk Report #4

After waking up this morning with a nasty sore throat and feeling generally awful, I thought I wouldn't get any walking in. Why risk getting worse just for a short walk? Still, it's absolutely beautiful out today, bright sunshine without a cloud in sight, so when push came to shove I decided that I could manage a shorter walk despite feeling sick. Even more so when Eric agreed to walk with me.

I had vague hopes of being able to do the entire Town-Gown Loop, but that was not to be. In addition to feeling ill, I needed a restroom badly before we'd gone halfway, and everything was closed because of the holiday. So we did about half the loop and came home. The pedometer says 3562. A bit less than two miles.

I didn't take pictures of all the Town-Gown Loop boulders because I wanted a reason to go back and revisit. We found and read nine of the boulders. One of them appeared to be missing from its spot on the map.

This one is the one at the corner of 103rd and 185th.

It reads: "The highest point in Bothell is 506 feet on the top of Nike Hill (the summit of Norway Hill, at 480 feet, is second-highest). The lowest is 19 feet, where the Sammamish River leaves Bothell and enters Kenmore." The image is of an Owl (which on the other plaques that show the City and School together represents the school) holding a flag that says "Bothell" on top of a hill.

No, I'm not sure where Nike Hill or Norway Hill are. I've been living here for five years and still don't know the landmarks.

I'm still at two donations, which will keep me going for awhile. My thanks again go out to Elayne and Erin.