Monday, September 25, 2006

An Illustration of How Crappy The US Media Is

Alternate Newsweek Covers

Apparently it's far less important for Americans to see at a glance that we are losing/have lost the war in Afghanistan than for the rest of the world. And Annie Leibovitz is far more important than anything about the haven of our bitterest enemies. You know, the ones actually responsible for 9/11. The ones that Shrubya has completely ignored in favor of his war profiteering adventure in Iraq.

I used to think that Korea was the forgotten war. Now I know for sure, Afghanistan is the forgotten war, and most Americans don't even realize we're still over there trying to fight the real terrorists (the ones who actually hurt us, not the ones with imaginary WMD) with a gutted military force. And Newsweek is such a crappy magazine that they aren't even willing to put that very important war on the cover of their American editions. The media in this country should be ashamed.

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