Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Political Parties Owe State Money

People in Washington state rightly believe that it is unconstitutional to require voters to declare a party in order to vote. This has led to problems.

I personally refuse to declare a party, which means any votes I make in the partisan races don't count. I figure the political parties should pay for any elections in which only party members are expected to vote, so in my opinion, the parties owe Washington voters a LOT of money for the last few elections, which have required party declaration due to political parties whining.

Update: I got a strange e-mail that asked if that meant I don't vote at all. I should clarify. Washington state voters are only required to declare a party in the primary, and only for partisan races. Those are the items I don't vote on. I vote on everything else, and I vote on everything in the general election. If the voters get their way, I'll soon be able to vote on all races in the primary again.

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