Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Who Are The Prisoners?

MetaFilter on the Gitmo situation. In short, we were told that the people in Gitmo were "enemy combatants", but that was a complete lie. Most of them weren't captured on a battlefield, they were picked up because a neighbor or other informant claimed they were part of the terrorist network. Without any proof or charges, the United States has been holding these people for YEARS. In violation of everything that the US stands for. In direct violation of the US constitution and the foundation of our legal system. Illegally and Immorally. Did I mention that we not only have no proof that any of these people are at all connected to terrorists, but that they've NEVER BEEN CHARGED WITH ANY CRIME?

Why, again, does anyone still support Bush? Why isn't he in prison for his blatantly illegal activities?

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