Monday, September 25, 2006

This is Not A Political Blog

I've noticed that the entries in this blog have been picked up by a few news websites that presumably collect posts from political blogs.

While I'm flattered that anyone thinks my rants are worth reading, I'd like to point out that this isn't a political blog, although the majority of posts lately have been politics-related. This is a dumping-place blog for all my thoughts that don't belong elsewhere. When I feel like talking about non-political subjects, I will, and then presumably my extremely non-political posts will end up in lists of very political posts and the readers of those news websites will be left scratching their heads as to why my nonsense has been included.

In addition, there are two contributors to this blog, and the other contributor often prefers to post silly stuff here, not political stuff.

So if you run one of these websites that aggregates political posts, please be aware that this is not a political blog, and will eventually go back to non-political topics. I have no problem with someone sharing links to my posts, but please be aware that I might start talking about anything else at any moment.

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