Thursday, March 17, 2005

Contrast Bath

So I went to both PT and Chiro today.

At physical therapy, I got stretched, solared, extremely painfully massaged, then I got a contrast bath. I think I mentioned before that a contrast bath involved a bucket of hot water and a bucket of ice water? Yeah, they have a hottub at the PT, and I put my feet in that for three minutes, then one minute of ice water. I had thought the massage hurt...

After PT, I went to the chiropractor. He taught me how to use the wobble chair, which is WAY cool, and apparently a great way to stretch as well. Then I got adjusted again. Again, I lost my tinnitus for a very short time after he adjusted my neck. He also adjusted both my feet, and to my immense surprise, after leaving his office I felt like I was sort of floating on my feet, not walking on them.

The PT cleared me for walking today, but I'm to ease into it, and if the pain starts again I need to turn around and go home to rest. So I tested it with a short walk, maybe a half mile, while on an errand. No problems on that walk, so I went on a bit longer walk along the trail. I didn't feel any real pain on the way out (just a bit of the normal heelspur pain), and on the way back I felt a little pain in my kneecap, completely different from the pain that derailed me for so long. I did a mile, which isn't much, but I feel like I was walking on springs the entire time, so I think it was a good walk. The kneecap pain was extrememly minor, but I've been hypersensitive to pain for awhile now.

I took a nice picture of the Bothell sign for you. This sign is across from the bridge into Bothell Landing Park, and as you can see it is very welcoming.

I thought I'd give you a close-up of the bottom portion of the sign, as I find it amusing. It's not nearly as bad as the one into town on the main road, which says "Welcome to Bothell - For A Day or A Lifetime". I used to joke that it was an either/or proposition. Until I moved here. Anyway, here's the bottom half of the sign.

What does Bothell have to offer you? UNIQUE BIKE RACKS!!! I also like the command on the sign - "Relax..." Um, why does this sign want me to relax? What is it going to do with me if I do relax?

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