Saturday, March 19, 2005

Frida, er, Saturday Fitness Blogging

  • Weight = X-1
  • Change From Last Week: -1
  • Met Training Goals? No:
    • Fri = 30 min bike (goal: 30 min ct)
    • Sat = 30 min bike (goal: 6 miles/2 hr ct)
    • Sun = none (goal: 4 miles/80 min ct)
    • Mon = none
    • Tue = none (goal: 3 miles/1 hr ct)
    • Wed = 1 hr swim (goal: 15 min ct)
    • Thu = 1.5 (goal: 5 miles/100 min ct)
    Total Miles: 1.5 (goal: 18 miles)
  • Current Training Goal:
    • Fri = 30 min crosstrain
    • Sat = 6 miles (2 hour crosstrain)
    • Sun = 5 miles (100 min crosstrain)
    • Mon = rest
    • Tue = 3 miles (1 hour crosstrain)
    • Wed = 15 min crosstrain
    • Thu = 5 miles (100 min crosstrain)

This was a lousy week for training, partly because I spent every morning in either Physical Therapy or Chiropractic, or both. My time got eaten up so fast I didn't know where it went. I need to work on time management, I can tell. Still, at the end of the week I got the good news that I can start walking again, and I've done two walks since then. Both were ok, but the second walk worried me as the same pain that's kept me from walking much started up again. I'll have to see what I can do today. The PT said no more than three miles each day over the weekend.

As for the weight, it seems to have changed a little, but I forgot to measure on Friday morning, so this is the Saturday morning measurement. Statistically, no real change. I'll keep watching it.

And lastly, if you have a bit of spare change to donate, please do. I could really use some serious inspiration about now. Many thanks to my latest donor, Cate Gaidheal.

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