Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I Have Been Adjusted

I had heard tales. But I didn't really understand. Chiropractors "adjust" a person by popping bones back into proper alignment. If you've ever had a broken bone set, you know exactly what I'm referring to... that intense POP when the bone snaps into place. It usually doesn't hurt as much as it shocks you (though pain is often involved). And that's what chiropractors do.

Onc they've adjusted your bones into the correct spots, then they have you come back and get them adjusted again, as by the time you go to visit one of these guys, your bones are in the habit of being in the wrong place and will move back. After a few weeks of having your bones manhandled into shape, the bones get into the habit of being in the right place to begin with. Either that or they are just scared of the chiropractor so they behave.

I got adjusted in five spots, two in my neck and three in my back. The reactions of my body started about 20 minutes after he adjusted me. First reaction was a slight soreness in my shoulders. Then, after that faded, a bit of a pain in my lower back. After a few more minutes, my tinnitus vanished completely for about ten minutes, but returned. That was unexpected. Now, over an hour later, I feel like my arms are loose. When I tried to touch my toes, I reached considerably farther than when I exercised yesterday.

The verdict? Mostly good. I'm getting adjusted again tomorrow and Friday, then probably twice a week after that. I need to keep track of my insurance, as well... So far: 1 Chiro, 2 PT/Rehab out of 12 Chiro, 45 PT/Rehab allowed.

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