Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Training Update

I just walked a mile and a half on the treadmill, and both my legs are all iced up as the PT requested I do every time I stop exercising for more than a few minutes. I intend to go back to the treadmill later and do at least another mile and a half, as that's the training schedule goal for today.

The PT thinks I should stick with the treadmill for a little while to try to train my feet to walk ever so slightly differently (which is what the taping is for) and because the treadmill has more give and thus is easier on my legs. If I get my miles in on the treadmill, at least I'm doing them, which I can't do if I'm on the trail and in pain. So I'm building up the strength and endurance without having to deal fully with the pain. Not ideal, but better than going off my training schedule every few days because I hurt too much.

The Chiropractic work seems to be doing me loads of good. I can sit still longer, and my back doesn't hurt after standing for a few minutes. Without back pain, the leg pain is easier to bear.

In addition, I got a "wobble chair" from the chiropractor (we're billing the insurance, and I hope they accept the charge). I don't know if the wobble chair actually fixes anything, but WOW I feel so much better after I've done a set of exercises on it. The recommendation is to do a set in the morning and one in the evening. I could play on the thing all day, personally. And my chiropractor claims that you can get a "runner's high" after doing ten minutes of workout on it. I plan on testing that claim.

I forgot to weigh myself on Friday, so I'm going to wait until this next Friday before posting another Friday fitness update. Hopefully by then I'll be back on the training schedule, too.

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