Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Health Update

I went to the Physical Therapist yesterday, and the Chiropractor today.

The PT massaged my foot, zapped my foot with electrodes, stretched my foot, and iced my foot. And today my foot feels better than usual. She also gave me instructions on how to do a "contrast bath" for my feet, which involves a bucket of hot water and a bucket of ice water. I'll let your imagination supply the rest. I'm also continuing with the stretches she showed me on my first visit. I'm still not cleared to walk long distances.

The Chiropractor checked out my health history, examined my neck, and took some x-rays. The long and short of it is that I probably could use his help, and he encouraged me to keep up the PT as well. I have another appointment with him tomorrow morning to determine if he really can help me, after he's examined the x-rays. He also ran my insurance, and told me I have 12 chiro visits covered, and 45 pt. That's good information to know.

I feel like I'm on my way. Now if I only knew for certain just where I was going...

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