Saturday, March 05, 2005

Training Walk

Still on track for this week, with a 30 minute bicycle session yesterday and a 5 mile walk today. I'm not at 100% healthy at the moment, but Eric walked with me and I made the full distance, and in less time than on Tuesday.

We walked down to Wilmot Gateway Park, rested, went to the seventh milepost, then came back. Again, I had a much easier time walking back than I did going out. As Eric put it, I take a REALLY long time to warm up.

When I got home from work, a small package had arrived from the 3-Day folks. It's a black lanyard with a plastic badge holder and a 3-Day "training badge" with my name, walker ID # (63361410) and team name (Bouncing Betties). On the back is a list of "3-Day milestones" in the shape of a ribbon. Also enclosed were some stickers to put on the training badge. The big sticker goes on the front and indicates how many times I've walked the 3-Day. I went ahead and put the big "1" on it. The milestones stickers were a little more frustrating for me. I have only hit four of them, out of a possible sixteen. The ones I've got are setting up my 3-Day HQ Website, getting a 1st donation, going on my first training walk, and going on a 5-mile training walk.

There are a couple of milestones I don't anticipate hitting, like the "Spirit of 3", which means I recruited two people to walk with me. I'm also unsure if I'll get a matching gift from a corporation. All the rest seem doable, as they are simple things like meeting my coach, attending the FOCUS meeting, and going to the EXPO, all of which should happen next week.

The badge holder and lanyard will be used on the walk itself, so I think they sent them out so walkers can get used to wearing them while walking. There are also special lanyards for special people... the only one I could possibly get is the pink lanyard for raising $500 by April 15th. But I'm $300 short of that goal, so I don't know how likely that is. There are other colors for training walk leaders, mentors and team captains.

Getting back to today's walk, I went ahead and applied the appropriate stickers to my training badge and wore it during the walk. It drove me absolutely nuts. The wind kept blowing it around and it refused to sit with the 3-Day side out. I kept it on, but I think I may have to find a way to attach it to my walking bag for future walks.

I'm sure everyone is thinking, yeah yeah, get to the pictures already. So here's the pics from today's walk. First up is a picture taken from the bridge right next to the Cascadia "offramp". The image shows the new Cascadia/UW Bothell trail going under 522.

Moving to the other side of the bridge, I took a picture of the half-drowned boat that's tied up next to the trailer park across the river.

I've seen it there a few times while walking now, and was hoping to get a shot of how forlorn it looks. I don't think this one quite did it.

My last image is of a flower/weed that lines the trail. It suddenly occurred to me that I really have no idea what this thing is. If anyone can identify it, please do.

These guys are all over down by the trail, but I can't recall seeing them anywhere else.

And I'll end with a plea. If you haven't yet given, and are thinking about it, and have the money, please donate. I still need to get $1900 more before the walk starts. Even $5 would help a lot. Thanks.

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