Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Training Walk

So I tried to go on the three mile walk this morning, but a quarter mile in my legs started hurting. By the time I reached the half mile point, I was stumbling in pain. I gave up and stumble-staggered back to my car, ready to pass out from the agony by the time I got there. One mile, but not very good exercise to say the least.

I went home and my sister visited. We decided to try my remaining two miles, and went back to the trail. With her to distract me a little from the pain, I made the two miles, but I regretted it deeply as my legs felt like someone had driven a hot spike into them just below the shins and to the outside a little. Three miles total, but again, not very good exercise.

I'm seeing the physical therapist tomorrow and hopefully I can get some advice on just what it is I'm doing wrong. As I told Lisa, I feel great except for the legs. I have energy. I felt like I could easily walk to Marymoor park, but for the pain. This is completely different than all my problems of years before. Usually it's the exhaustion I'm fighting. Now it's just pain. Intense pain that makes me ill and drains me of energy, but just pain nonetheless.

I only took a couple of pictures, early in my first walk. First up is another bird. I cropped closely so you can actually see it:

I also saw some sleeping ducks and I'm kicking myself (not literally) that I didn't snap a picture of them. They look sinister even when they sleep.

The second image is for everyone snowed in on the East Coast. It's full-blown Spring here, everything is sprouting. Trees that were bare just a week ago now have buds all over. This tree was one that was frozen on one of my earlier walks, but NOW look at it:

Every day we get more worried about the lack of a snowpack in the mountains, but it's hard to worry too much when it's so warm and sunny outside. I left the doors and windows open for a time today, and the bird calls were almost defeaning. It also heated up the inside nicely, which usually doesn't happen until summer proper.

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